Tuesday, June 8, 2010

TOP LIST (Part 3)

Hi mommies, if your daughters are in their pre-teen years or probably they're in that awkward stage of "too old for toys but too young for boys", they might start asking you how would you know if you are in-love? It's a common question that not only young girls ask but also grown-up women. Sometimes it can be really confusing, if it's real love or just infatuation. I know because from personal experience, I asked myself the same thing before. Some people say, "when you're in-love, you'll know that you are, you'll feel it from inside you, you don't ask yourself, you'll just know." This is more confusing right? So before your children caught you off-guard with this kind of question, here's a list that you could explain to them to help them understand their feelings. This applies to boys as well. I read this from the book, I LOVE YOU by Gordon Martinborough.

  1. Infatuation is ruled by feelings but love's feelings are ruled by principle.
  2. Infatuation is blind, but love sees and examines.
  3. Infatuation is in a hurry, but love takes time.
  4. Infatuation is obsessed with externals but love is concerned with internals.
  5. Infatuation is childish but love is mature.
  6. Infatuation is a human ditch but love is a human ladder.
There's only 6 in the list, help me add more...thanks!

Top 10 LIST (Part 2)

For anyone who's in a relationship, this list is very useful. Read on:


  1. "You're just like your father."
  2. "You're just like my ex-boyfriend."
  3. "What are you thinking?
  4. "You just relax, sweetie, and let me take care of everything."
  5. "I'll just relax and let you take care of everything."
  6. "You're not listening to me."
  7. "All of my friends think you're wrong."
  8. "All of my friends think you're wrong for me."
  9. "Is this as fast as your car can go?"
  10. "I dare you."

  1. "You're just like your mother."
  2. "But my last girlfriend liked doing that."
  3. "Do the dishes? But I took out the garbage!"
  4. "I'm just not very good at cleaning toilets."
  5. "Tell her I'm not here."
  6. "How do I feel?How do you want me to feel?"
  7. "Is that what you're wearing?"
  8. "I think it would be good for you to date other people."
  9. "I think women should be equal but...."
  10. "Yes, but it didn't mean anything."

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Top 10 List (Part 1)

Through the years, I have compiled a collection of top lists, mostly about relationships and love. Some are not complete yet, my target is to make each list the Top 10 List so if you want to add something to the list, please feel free. Here's the first one:

Theories Why Love Doesn't Last

  1. "In relationship, three is a crowd."
  2. "The success of love is inversely proportional to the expectations you have, and directly proportional to the effort you make."
  3. "The greater the amount of pain, the more intense your love is."
  4. ''The faster love accelerates, the more likely to lose control."
  5. "Love heats up to 100 degrees and freezes at 0 degree."
  6. "You will never know love until you actually surrender to it."
  7. "You never actually stop loving someone, you can only love more."
  8. "Love doesn't work out in a pretend world where perfect love is."
  9. "Love is an epic battle between the heart and mind."
  10. "Being afraid of getting hurt leaves you with nothing."

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Wonders and Benefits of Infant Massage

"Being touched, being caressed, being massaged is food for the infant. Food as necessary as vitamins and minerals."-Dr. Frederick Leboye

Massage provides wonders for both moms and babies. It brings joy to the moms and warmth to the babies thus creating a special bond between them. This wonderful bond cannot be matched by any other type of interaction. It can also be participated by other members of the family.

Massage nourishes and nurtures babies much like food does. An everyday massage stimulates the baby's circulatory, respiratory, and digestive system. It improves his mobility and makes his muscles more supple. It also teaches him to relax.

Facial massage relieves a great deal of baby's tension from sucking, teething, crying and generally interacting with the ever expanding world around him.

Stomach massage tones the intestinal system and relieves constipation.

Strengthens the bones, tones the muscles and promotes flexibility.

Develops muscles that will support the spine.

Tones the lungs and the heart.

Massage techniques can be started as soon as you desire. Your baby will benefit most from a daily massage in the first six or seven months of his life so you might as well start early. You can massage your baby in the morning when you're both ready for the day, or in the evening to help your baby sleep better.

Before getting started, always make sure:

* Your hands are clean and warm.
* Your nails are trimmed and you're not wearing any jewelry that may harm your baby's skin.
* The room is warm.
* Your baby is not hungry or had just eaten.
* You are sitting comfortably and relaxed.
* Your baby is lying on a flat, soft, clean cotton surface.
* You have towels, extra diapers and clothes, oil or lotion ready near your massage area.
* You will remain undisturbed for at least 15 minutes.


* Maintain eye contact with your baby.
* Sing to your baby or play soothing music to help both of you relax.
* Apply a mild baby oil or lotion on your hands to avoid friction.
* Begin with a light touch and gradually increase pressure as you become more confident and your baby gets used to being massaged.
* Be sensitive to your baby's cues.
* Give your baby a bath after a massage to refresh him.
* Consult a trained professional for more details on infant massage.


* Do not massage your baby immediately after he is fed.
* Do not wake up your baby just for massage.
* Do not massage your baby if he is not feeling well.
* Do not massage him against his will.
* Do not force your baby in a position when massaging him.

Private No More

I've been wanting to start a journal, a plain notebook or anything where I could share my thoughts about people and things...When i was younger, I've been influenced by the movies that I watch especially when I see how the characters write all the juicy stuff in their diaries about boys and school stuff. But maybe I was busy with playing then that I never got the chance to write in one. Now that I'm a lot older, I realize it's not too late to have one. And now with the advancement in technology and all, there are a lot of media where one could freely learn from others by exchanging views, knowledge, advices and criticisms alike. But I tell you it's not easy as it seems. Now, I find myself at a lost for words, but what the heck, at least I'm trying. I love reading so I might as well practice writing. I initially want to call my first born, "PRIVATE" like Harriet the Spy named hers, but since I expect you guys to learn with me, "PRIVATE NO MORE" seems more appropriate, don't you think?

With this, I would like to get to know myself and people better, be it on the obvious to the not so obvious side. I hope so...till next time!